Appendix A: Glossary

  • Fast Path - term used to describe a transaction that does not involve shared objects, and can be executed without the need for consensus.
  • Parallel Execution - term used to describe the ability of the Sui runtime to execute transactions in parallel, including the ones that involve shared objects.
  • Internal Type - type that is defined within the module. Fields of this type can not be accessed from outside the module, and, in case of "key"-only abilities, can not be used in public_* transfer functions.


  • key - ability that allows the struct to be used as a key in the storage. On Sui, the key ability marks an object and requires the first field to be a id: UID.
  • store - ability that allows the struct to be stored inside other objects. This ability relaxes restrictions applied to internal structs, allowing public_* transfer functions to accept them as arguments. It also enables the object to be stored as a dynamic field.
  • copy - ability that allows the struct to be copied. On Sui, the copy ability conflicts with the key ability, and can not be used together with it.
  • drop - ability that allows the struct to be ignored or discarded. On Sui, the drop ability cannot be used together with the key ability, as objects are not allowed to be ignored.